LIN, Tzu-Hao (Harry)

Head of MEIL

Marine ecology, underwater bioacoustics, ecological informatics, machine learning

Email: lintzuhao[at]

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LEE, Yi-Chun (Lily)

Lab manager (2021-now)

Email: k2105283[at]

Project: Using MiFish universal primers to assess the habitat divergence of fish communities in Taiwan waters

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Field manager (2022-now)

Email: jessechuang03[at]

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TUNG, Wei-Chen

Master Student (2021-now)

Institute of Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University

Project: Applying passive acoustic monitoring in the assessment of coral reef fish assemblages

HSU, Tzu-Yan

Master Student (2021-now; 2020: Undergraduate Intern)

Department of Life Science, National Taiwan Normal University

Project 1: Diversity of fish sounds in Wanghaixiang Chaojing Bay Resource Conservation Area: Inter-annual and seasonal variability (Award of the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Ichthyological Society of Taiwan)

Project 2: The structural variation of fish sounds in reef-associated communities

WENG, Anita

Remote Undergraduate Intern (2020-now)

University of Michigan

Project: Exploring intra- and inter-specific variations of dolphin whistles via unsupervised feature learning (Award of the 2021 Congress of Animal Behavior, Ecology and Environmental Education)

GAO, Yue-Yin

Undergraduate Intern (2022-now)

Department of Life Sciences, National Central University

Project: An automated transcription method for assessing the diversity of humpback whales songs (Award of the 2023 Congress of Animal Behavior and Ecology)


Undergraduate Intern (2022-now)

Department of Life Sciences, National Cheng-kung University

Project: Assessing the diversity of algal reef fish communities via environmental DNA


HUANG, Siang-Ru

Master student (2020-2022)
School of Forestry & Resource Conservation, College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture, National Taiwan University

Thesis: Dynamics of forest soundscape under recreational pressure-A case study in Xitou Nature Education Area

HONG, Pei-Yi

Summer Intern (2022)

Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University

Project: Spatial and seasonal variations of fish sound distribution off Kueishan Island, Taiwan

HSU, Yun-Fei

Master Intern (2020-2022)

Department of Informatics, Technische Universität München

Project: Exploring the echolocation behavior of Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins via audio source separation