Marine Ecoacoustics and Informatics Lab

Studying the dynamics of marine ecosystems through informatics

Welcome to the MEIL based in Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica. Led by Dr. Tzu-Hao Lin, the MEIL investigates the applications of ecological informatics in biodiversity monitoring and conservation management. 

Ocean sound is one of our primary subjects. We integrate passive acoustics and machine learning to track the spatial-temporal changes of biotic and abiotic sounds. By characterizing soundscapes, we seek to understand the mutual impacts among marine ecosystems, climate change, and anthropogenic activities. 

We also interest in other non-acoustic techniques that can visualize the dynamics of marine ecosystems. Our goal is to generate open data and reusable models that can facilitate the retrieval of ecological information and increase the efficiency of decision making. 


Open source toolbox for soundscape information retrieval

soundscape_IR is an open-source Python toolbox dedicated to soundscape information retrieval. This toolbox provides algorithms for supervised and unsupervised source separation (SS). It also enables the use of a snapshot recording for model training and subsequently applying adaptive and semi-supervised SS when target species produce sounds with varying features and when unseen sound sources are encountered.

Now with V1.1 release, you can use a few lines of code to run source separation detector and feature extraction on a large dataset of soundscape recordings.

Check V1.1 full documentation for details!